You would like to sell your old picture postcards, stamps or coins? We are always looking for interesting single items, stocks, collections and complete estates.

Please contact us (Mr. Fred Egen 0049 / 7624-9895870, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before offering or sending your items. First of all we would like to answer frequently asked questions concerning the purchase.

1. General remarks concerning the purchase

Please understand that we cannot accept less than a hundred postcards. Stamps and coins should be offered as collections in albums. We don’t buy single stamps or coins. We are only interested in single gold or silver coins (purchase at the current daily price).

Scans are appreciated as advance information but please understand that we need more than a scan for a final decision to purchase postcards, stamps or coins from you.

We are not prepared to give detailed information on prices without having seen the offered items. We think that it isn’t serious to offer a global price without having seen the items. Of course, you can give us your personal asking price.

2. How does the purchase work?

We look forward to your visit in our premises in Grenzach-Wyhlen to purchase your postcards. If you don’t live nearby, we recommend sending them by parcel:

Parcels are automatically insured up to 500 euros (an upgrade for a higher value can easily be made at the post office). Don’t forget your address and a note with the number of postcards, your asking price and your phone number. In case of non-purchase, the items will be returned at our expense.

3. How old do the postcards have to be?

The postcards should be printed before 1970. It doesn’t matter whether they are written on the back or postmarked. It is much more important that the postcards are in a worth collecting condition.

4. You want to sell a complete collection or estate?

Clients or traders who have built up valuable and unique collections and would like to sell them are invited to contact us. We have been justifying our clients’ trustfulness for many years through integrity, solvency and the best market knowledge available in the field.



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